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Founded in 1999, SEAES Education Pvt Ltd is the reliable and renowned name for the medical students in India. Certified by ISO 9001: 2000, the SEAES is assisting students to seek admission in the right medical universities under graduate and post graduate courses. Not only that SEAES help you in getting admission to the universities, but also offer your consultation regarding admissions.

Located in Nagpur, India, SEAES is operating by linking with registered office in China and enrolls medical students in the top notch institutions, which are listed by WHO. Not only that we assist students in getting admission, but also from visa processing to the accommodation services. Our professional consultants help students in planning their daily tasks when they will land in China.

Some of our services are

A) Admission Confirmation
B) Visa Formalities
C) Guidance for Applying to MCI Eligibility Certificate
D) Accompanying of representative from India to university
E) Registration formalities at university
F) Free 15 minutes call to parents on arriving at university.
G) Our representative services to resolve your basic living issues if any throughout your stay in China.
H) City tour within a week on arrival at university.
I) Assistance in booking air tickets during vacation.

Suzhou University

Soochow University is located in the ancient city of Suzhou that is famous for its classical gardens and known as "the Paradise on Earth". The University has developed into a first-rate provincial comprehensive institution in China with a complete array of all branches of learning, remarkably large enrollment number and outstanding faculty. This University has five wonderful campuses, each one self sufficient on its own. The medical school is located in the newly constructed campus which is set in the outskirts of the city having a perfectly conducive environment to the rigorous schedule of studying clinical medicine. There is a foreign affairs office completely dedicated to help all foreign medical students in this campus itself. Download New Prospectus

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We offer A Promissing Career in Medicine , And Help You To Get Admited In Most Trusted University By More Then 1500 Indian Students

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MedicoChina.com has been established by SEAES Education (P) Ltd., an ISO certified education company in association with Top Ranking universities in P.R.China. SEAES is closely working with colleges and universities in China as foreign students advisory organization

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India's best Education Consulting Company with 10+ years of successful opearions. 500+ students already graduated and working across globe including Goernment Institutions.           

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Guaranteed Admission, No NEET, No Donation, Scholoraship based on performance. Our Represenatives will be available 24X7 for assistance.

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The dedicated team of motivators will ensure you are soaked in every field and branch of general medicine to see you growing as matured medico practioner.

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Our Universities Offers a Dedicated Team of Highly Qualified Teachers And The World Class Hospital For The Best Clinical Exposure.

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Suzhou University Tuion Fee RMB 31000 approximatly Rs. 310000 Nantong University Tuition Fee RMB 26000 approximatly Rs.260000  

Nantong University

Nantong University (NTU) is located in a coastal city of Nantong in the eastern province of Jiangsu, P.R China. It was established by China’s Ministry of Education in May 2004 as a comprehensive university through the amalgamation of three former colleges of the city: Nantong Medical College, Nantong Institute of Technology and Nantong Teachers College. Nantong Medical College, stemmed from a private Medical Institute of Nantong, was founded in 1912 by Zhang Jian and his brother Zhang Cha. It is one of the oldest medical colleges in China. The university is expanding its international academic communication and cooperation, maintaining relations with many universities and academies in UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and Korea as well as in some South East Asian Countries like Singapore and also the Middle East. South East Asia Education Services (SEAES. P) Ltd. In India is the official partner of Nantong University to help develop international student exchange programs. Download New Prospectus

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